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Chelsea’s Nemanja Matic Pays Off The Debts Of Entire Village In Serbia


Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic has staked his claim to be considered the nicest guy in football - and it'd be hard to argue with it.

The Blues midfielder has made himself a hero in his homeland of Serbia by paying off all of the debts in the village he grew up in.

Matic hails from the village of Vrelo in the western part of the country, which has a population of just over 1,600 people.

And according to The Mirror, the former Benfica man has been taking care of the tabs and debts at the local supermarkets and has donated money for repairs to be made at the elementary school which he attended as a child.

The Premier League winner's place in the Blues first-team has come under threat to John Obi Mikel since Guus Hiddink arrived as manager, but it appears it hasn't hurt his charitable side.

Well played, Nemanja.

This story first featured on TalkingBaws.com.