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Roma President Reveals Totti's Next Club


The world of the one team player is coming to an end and it's not just because of a perceived lack of loyalty by players but also because of leagues like the MLS and higher fitness levels and Francesco Totti could be the next legend to end up playing in the MLS.

Totti has remained loyal to Roma for his whole career, even turning down Real Madrid at one point, but he isn't being played at the moment and he feels fit enough to continue so the only way to do that is move clubs. With his contract up in the summer it seems inevitable.

Leicester City were rumoured to be interested in Totti but Roma president James Pallotta suggested America could be his next destination to play alongside Andrea Pirlo in New York:

"He was interested in going to play in Miami, but they don't [yet] have a team in MLS. He could be interested in moving to New York though."

Pallotta also confirmed that he'd rather the club legend stayed in the Italian capital to become a coach adding: "The situation with Francesco is really hard. I'd like him to become part of the management, but he'd prefer to continue playing."

It's sad really that a player with his brilliance can't finish his career where he's spent the entirety of it up to now becoming a legend similar to the issue Steven Gerrard faced at Anfield.

(h/t The Sun)