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SnookBall: Should We Be Excited About This New Game?


Get on your John Virgo waistcoats and start whistling the 'Big Break' theme tune as a new version of snooker mixed with THE great game looks certain to hit the UK.  TheSPORTbible speak exclusively to one of the inventors of the crazy new game called SnookBall!

The game is a hybrid of snooker and football, which explains the name as SnookBall where players use their feet instead of the traditional cue and their technical skills to spin the football as the traditional chalk for backspin and topspin to show off with some silky trick shots that even Ronnie O'Sullivan would be proud of!

The tables have been invented by two French entrepreneurs Aurélien and Samuel and the billiard table, which players stand on to play, are 6.60m by 3.60m and cost 3,900 Euros to build but after watching some of the videos, this price seems ideal for certain places to start tournaments outside in the sunshine next summer.

Typically, like we are familiar with when we play billiards with friends on a weekend, you can play SnookBall as two players or double up to make it 2 v 2 and add some more fun to the game. Size 5 footballs acts as the cue ball and it is the only ball on the massive table, which is all white. The players must pick whether they want to strike the solid or stripe colour balls into the pockets and end on the black football to win the glory of being the SnookBall champion!

Sports Bible spoke to one of the entrepreneurs Samuel and he told us more about the whacky yet addictive game: "We invented this game a few months ago and we started making videos on YouTube which received a lot of hits and comments from interested parties.  We started to receive a lot of interest from people across the globe and this made our minds up to create it as a business."

Samuel added: "It's only the start of the development of SnookBall and we have 10 tables across France and we are now starting to our marketing campaigns across Europe with a lot of projects and interest being shown in your very own country but also in Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium.  We know this game will be popular when beer is involved in public houses and beer gardens and we know England has a lot of great venues to house SnookBall and we are aiming for a UK tournament in 2015, which of course Sports Bible can come along to!" 

Would you want to give this new game a go if you saw it in your town or City?  I am that desperate to play it I may fly over to France and get my practice in before it spreads towards the UK in 2015!

Twitter: @Gazj2K